A Simple Note: To Our Followers

     We know it is not too important to keep posting regularly, most of you probably didn’t notice our absence, and that’s fine! Really it is. We are currently working on a project for all of you to listen to and enjoy in the near future(so look out for that!). Now that we are back you can expect nothing but high quality posts from here on out(Unless something pops up; we will acknowledge you chaps early next time). So in summary, we just wanted to let you all know that the posts will start flowing back as soon as possible(today)! Thank you for reading!

     - Apollo

Anonymous asked:

Hello! I would like to ask about the post on the science witch trials. Is it possible for me to know what the chemicals that are used? There's a chemistry experiment competition coming up in my school so I thought that'd be pretty cool. Do you have any suggestion for me on any cool experiments? Thank you so much in advance. Have a lovely day. :)

I’m not entirely sure, but you can go watch the episode ( QI series 10 episode 10 ) to see if that tells you! Plus they have some other cool stuff you could do as well! Sorry im not much of a help but i hope that helps some what! :)